YouTube Wants to Curb Misuse of Its “Dislike” Button | Seeks Creator’s Suggestions

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YouTube’s new suggestion seeking news has been on the rounds which says that it wants to curb the misuse of Dislike Button on its videos. The Verge’s report on YouTube’s issue said, “Creators who watched Leung’s video suggested that people who want to dislike a video should have to sit through a portion of it before the dislike option becomes available.” Tom Leung, Director of Project Management at YouTube, addressed the issue of “dislike mobs” in a recent issue of YouTube’s corporate series for creators, Creator Insider.

YouTube is considering ways to combat the misuse of its “Dislike” button on videos in an attempt to counter the damage that spammers can do to a creator’s channel. YouTube Wants Creator’s Suggestions to Curb Misuse of Dislike Button. As statistics of videos is important to the creators, the “don’t want ratings” option and removing the “dislike” feature seem unfair and undemocratic to the YouTube team.

The YouTube team is currently moving forward towards adding an option for creators to toggle the visibility of likes and dislikes. However, hiding the ratings also has an impact on videos with positive responses, and Leung says the team knows how important public stats are to creators.

As decisions need to be democratic, YouTube is not thinking of making any changes as of now to curb the problems created by the Dislike Mobs. But updates regarding the changes will be shared among the communities, as said by Leung, once the product team finalizes any of it.

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