Why You Probably Can’t Update Your Phone

To influence Android to deal with their equipment, gadget makers must compose Android gadget drives for their equipment. These are frequently shut source, so gadget producers need to refresh them all alone. Google can’t simply discharge another variant of Android that takes a shot at all gadgets – producers need to refresh the drivers to work with more current forms of Android.

Android cell phone producers are likewise indebted to mobile phone transporters, who can defer refreshes by months on their systems. While Apple has the muscle to overrule bearers and take off new forms of their working framework, Android telephone makers don’t.

Some new forms of Android accompany expanded equipment necessities. This keeps them from taking a shot at holder gadgets – the same is valid in the iPhone and Windows Phone universes, where new working frameworks every so often drop bolster for more seasoned gadgets.

All the more dubiously, Android OEMs likewise include their own changes and skins over the Android working framework. These incorporate Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense, Motorola’s Motoblur, and others. Notwithstanding including custom launchers, OEMs change included applications to include and evacuate highlights. They’re persuaded that this separates their items in the market, despite the fact that diehard stock Android fans oppose this idea.

Android OEMs and bearers frequently aren’t extremely intrigued by refreshing gadgets after they’re discharged. With the extensive measure of models being discharged, there’s no motivator to put a ton of work into refreshing a more seasoned model that has been supplanted by a more current one. OEMs and transporters likewise need to urge you to purchase more current gadgets, at any rate.


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