WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature Rolls Out for Android Users

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WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode feature has been launched for Android users in stable version and with the WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode, user can now watch shared videos within the chat itself. The feature is available on WhatsApp version 2.18.385 and above. WhatsApp users can chat as well as play a video in the same window using the feature. The feature had been under testing for a few months and users can finally test it out by updating the application through the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Feature: How it Works

The WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode feature for Android users has been a long-awaited one and the feature is now available for all Android users. This means that from now on, you won’t be redirected to any external pages from any WhatsApp chat window, if you want to watch a video sent in a chat from YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and any other third-party platform for that matter. The feature allows user to open one program on the full screen and at the same time one or the other programs running in the same window but in the background. With this feature, WhatsApp users can chat as well as play a video in the same window. When you click on a video link sent by someone on WhatsApp, the system instantly triggers the corresponding app to open.

How to get the WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture Feature

  1. Update your WhatsApp for Android app to the latest version 2.18.380.
  2. Now, open any WhatsApp chat on your device in which you have received a third-party video link.
  3. You will find a new video card with a blurred thumbnail image in the chat.
  4. Tap on the link, which will also have the platform logo.
  5. The video will now be played on the top half of your WhatsApp chat window instead of a new window.
  6. There will also be an option to watch the said video in full-screen mode.

Final Thoughts

The PiP mode appeared first on WhatsApp beta, so that it could be tested and tweaked before it was made available for the final stable version. The PiP mode is currently compatible with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos only. It will make all the video links of the above mentioned social media channels streamable within the WhatsApp itself. Also it should be noted that once you exit the WhatsApp chat window in which the video link was shared, the video will also stop playing, as well.

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