WhatsApp Might Launch its Fingerprint Authentication Feature Soon

The Android beta update of WhatsApp has revealed some upcoming features for this version of the app, which include fingerprint authentication for accessing the app. This feature is expected to soon be introduced to all WhatsApp Android Users. Reportedly, the feature will allow users to lock their account and unlock it using a fingerprint sensor, which means, you will only be able to use the feature if your smartphone comes with a fingerprint reader.

However, the Authentication feature is not available yet, unfortunately. WhatsApp is working on this feature in this update in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you before to enable them for everyone. For this reason, it’s ok if you have updated your WhatsApp version and it is not working for you seen that this feature is under development. In particular, WhatsApp has improved the UI of the feature, including some new settings.
When the Authentication feature is enabled, a new view is shown every time you want to open WhatsApp, in according to your selected setting:

whatsapp fingerprint authentication

image credit: wabetainfo

According to WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp Android beta version 2.19.3 confirms that the company is working on this feature. However, the fingerprint authentication feature might not be visible to users on the Android beta, and this is likely because of developmental reasons as the company is still making improvements to this, notes the report. The WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication feature will let WhatsApp users lock their account, and unlock it using a fingerprint sensor. This feature should be enabled in Settings >Account >Privacy > Use Fingerprint to Unlock. Once it’s enabled, WhatsApp will register your fingerprint. It will then ask if you want the app to be locked immediately (after you leave the app)/ after 1 minute/ after 10 minutes/ or after 30 minutes.

WhatsApp on iOS already supports fingerprint and face authentication via Touch ID and Face ID, but on Android, the feature is still to roll out even in the public beta version. WhatsApp will show a sign indicating users that they can now unlock the app using the fingerprint authentication. As mentioned, this feature is not enabled yet, so you won’t see it even if you are on the latest beta version 2.19.83. Probably, this feature should roll out for beta users in its next updates.

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