Vivo Nex 2 with Bezel Less Dual Display Leaks

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Vivo is going to introduce a new smartphone Vivo Nex 2 with dual screens and a triple camera. A leak from Ben Geskin on Twitter reveals the next dual screen mobile from Vivo, and if his intel is accurate, we could have a pretty compelling device to look forward to soon.

From the bunch of leaked images and a semi unboxing video from Mrwhosetheboss, it looks like the Nex 2 will be equipped with two displays on the front and back, kind of like the recent Nubia X. Front screen will be free of bezels, while three cameras and an LED ring take up space near the top of the back screen.

According to the leaked images and video, in addition to the second screen, the phone is also equipped with a beautiful RGB LED “Lunar Ring” placed surrounding the array of the triple-rear camera. We don’t yet know the actual specifications of the cameras, but the Nex 2 is rumoured to feature a time-of-flight scanner similar to the one that impressed us earlier this year in Shanghai. We don’t know exactly the use of that ring, but it might be used as the notification light or it could possibly be part of the time-of-flight scanner system.

As per the rumours, it maps objects by firing pulses of light and then measuring the time taken for that light to return from up to three meters away – allowing for applications like high-fidelity facial recognition and augmented reality experiences. Vivo demonstrated this technology earlier this year, and it’ll be interesting to see if it arrives on a commercially available device soon.

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