Killing Time - Screen Time Track

Are you really concerned about the amount of time you’re spending on your phone? Have you ever realized how much time you waste on your phone? How frequently you are checking your smartphone, and eventually wasting time.

No need to worry about! Both Android and iOS operating system has some awesome apps to track your screen time. Several useful apps on the market will tell you, the number of times you are checking your SmartPhone, and is probably much higher than what you guessed.

1Your Hour

The dashboard of YourHour provides you all the essential information you need to know about your day long phone usage. The app keeps a track on your “Total Screen ON Time” & “Total Phone Unlock Count” and thereby, gives a comparative infographic of your past 7-day activity.

Using the data of your phone usage for past 7 days, YourHour app defines the Category of Phone Addict that you currently are from the listed five categories vis-a-vis Craver, Habitual, Dependent, Obsessed and Addicted.

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