PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode | 0.11.0 Beta Update Coming Soon

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Tencent Gaming is now on the news for collaborating with Resident Evil 2 to bring in the new 0.11.0 Beta Update introducing the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode for players to test out. Now PUBG Mobile has announced that in the game, PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode, will get a subscription system called as Prime with two plans included in it.

The first Prime plan of the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode, which will cost 0.99$ (about Rs 70) for one month, will give the user 150UC at the start. UC happens to be the in-game currency with which you can buy new outfits or mod your weapons. The second plan is the Prime Plus which will cost 9.99$ (about Rs 700) per month and you will receive 300 UC as a bonus and reward with 20 UC upon daily login. The introductory offer on this plan is for $4.99 (about Rs 355). The Prime and Prime Plus members can complete various in-game tasks and get additional UC as well. Another in-game currency called BP, which in itself is quite useless, can be converted to UC as well. All these updates were given by Mr. Ghost Gaming in his YouTube Channel for the new update, PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode.

Items which will be included in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode update are:

  • PP-19 Bizon submachine gun.
  • New snow area in Mountain Region of PUBG’s Erangel map
  • New dynamic weather in Miramar and Erangel map
  • New Vehicle addition in Sanhok Map-Tukshai
  • MK 47 Mutant Assault Rifle
  • May Include Laser Sights
  • Optimization and Bug Fixes.

PUBG Mobile Zombie mode is officially being called ‘Sunset’ and is currently available on the Erangel Map of the beta update. As this is a collaboration between PUBG and Resident Evil 2 all the bosses also appear alongside the other zombies. Also, according to patch notes, the update will consist of the Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music along with personal spaces for players.


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