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PowerDolphin is an underwater drone developed by a Beijing-based company, PowerVision. Shaped like the universally beloved mammalian creature, this remotely operated vehicle can reportedly do far more than simply swim around and capture some footage. PowerDolphin is equipped with a unique dual-joint rotation camera.The lens is capable of wide-angle shooting up to 132° more can be achieved by rotating to meet the needs of different angles.The rotation view angle is from – 150° to + 70° (Defining a 0° horizontal position and a negative rotation towards the water) providing the user with a viewing angle of 220°.


Features of PowerDolphin

  • It can be equipped with a bait container, it can quickly put bait into your designated fishing spots, giving you an excellent fishing experience.
  • PowerDolphin can troll a hook and bait behind the vessel. Once you’ve arrived at the designated location by remote control you can drop the bait in your desired location. At the same time through the 4K camera you can watch and record the whole process of dropping the bait to hook up a great fish in beautiful 4k imagery.
  • PowerDolphin attaches with the tow line so you can drag rescue rings, life jackets and other relief supplies for people in need of help. By remote control, its more flexible, faster and safer than lifeboat or lifeguard, it is easy to use in life saving operations.
  • PowerDolphin can be equipped with PowerSeeker sonar, the intelligent fish finder system. It allows you to coordinate the waypoint route function with the Vision+ APP. It will automatically scan and draw the underwater topographic maps for designated waters. It provides an accurate visual underwater data.


Final Thoughts

This underwater drone comes from PowerVision, A global leader focusing on UAV-related products and services including smart drones, data visualisation and forecasting, virtual reality and augmented reality. It also uses sonar, constructs maps of the seabed below, and can actually detect fish from up to 131 feet away and release bait upon detection. This is far more sophisticated than some of the other underwater drones we’ve reported on before. The PowerDolphin actually seems like it had clear intent behind its creation, namely, to save lives and catch fish, like a dolphin.

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