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Mark Cerny, a system architect working on Sony’s PlayStation division, has confirmed that there’s a new PlayStation coming. Whether it’s called the PS5, PlayStation 5 or something else remains to be seen, but there’s new gaming hardware on the way from Sony. According to him, the next-generation PlayStation (which is still not technically named “PlayStation 5”) uses a similar architecture to its predecessor, allowing for the feature. It will use physical discs as well, and Cerny expects some games to be released across both consoles.

Specifications and Features of Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5 will feature the new, third generation AMD Ryzen processor, based on the 7nm Zen 2 fabrication process. With the reduced size of the die, the processor represents a significant increase in performance and efficiency over the present generation PlayStation 4 Pro. The second big performance upgrade to the upcoming PlayStation console is the use of a high performance SSD for storage, instead of a spinning disc hard drive. The new AMD processor also includes a custom module for 3D stereo audio, which will add immersive direction vectors to audio output through any sources, be it default TV speakers or circumaural headphones.

However there is still no exact date for Sony PlayStation 5’s launch date, yet it is speculated to be released after 2019. Therefore, The PlayStation 5 likely won’t be making an appearance at E3 since Sony is sitting out the show this year.


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