Microsoft HoloLens 2 Launched at MWC 2019 Barcelona

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Microsoft introduced the world to HoloLens 2 at MWC 2019, Barcelona where the digital world goes beyond two-dimensional screens and enters the three-dimensional world. With the expectations to enter a new era of computing which will empower us all to achieve more, break boundaries and work together with greater ease and immediacy in 3D, HoloLens 2 was introduced.

“Computing is embedded in our world, in every place in every way,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said while unveiling the device at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. “Computing is in everything from connected cars to connected refrigerators, smart surgical tools, and even smart coffee machines.”

He said the result is that the approach to how companies like Microsoft approach the technology they make. “It’s no longer about being device first, it’s about putting the human first, and it includes all the devices in their lives.”

“We don’t have to just imagine it,” he added. “This future is here.”

Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a next-generation “mixed reality” headset that the company hopes will change “the way work gets done.” Microsoft in a blog post says it will be more immersive and comfortable than the original, and provide “industry-leading value out of the box.” HoloLens 2 has more than double the field of view of its predecessor while maintaining the same 47 pixels per degree of sight. The company says the change is equivalent to jumping from a 720p television to a 2K set for each eye. The headset will track your retinas to know exactly where you’re looking, too, and support Windows Hello authentication out of the box.

Microsoft has launched Mixed Reality, a broader VR and AR platform supported by a range of third-party headsets. Secretive startup Magic Leap has also released the One — an early Creator Edition, anyway — for $2,295. This headset is clearly meant for developers to experiment with and start building applications. It’s already working with a number of industry partners, including Airbus, Honeywell, Pearson and Saab on launch software for HoloLens 2 users.

HoloLens 2 will initially be available for $3,500 in the US, Japan, China, Germany, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Australia and New Zealand, the company announced at the ongoing 2019 Mobile World Congress on Sunday. Building on the unique capabilities of the original HoloLens, HoloLens 2 is the ultimate intelligent edge device. And when coupled with existing and new Azure services, HoloLens 2 becomes even more capable, right out of the box.

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