Instagram Video Scrubbing Feature | Coming Soon for All Users

Inorder to allow users to scrub through videos to more easily find the parts that interest them more Instagram is testing its new Video Scrubbing Feature. This feature will soon let users rewind, skip through videos that interests them the most. This feature will also eliminate the pain of rewatching videos just to get to a certain point.

Developer Jane Manchun Wong uncovered Instagram’s latest new trial feature. This Instagram Video Scrubbing Feature will allow users to scrub videos, all they have to do is press down on an Instagram video and slide their finger to the left or the right. A seek bar will appear embedded at the top of the video, complete with a pop-up timecode. The basic ability to scrub through a video, a feature found on pretty much every other online platform hosting video, has long been missing from Instagram. However, this isn’t the first time it made a trial appearance on the app.

There is no confirmed news of Instagram rolling out this new Video Scrubbing Feature for all users. However, Instagram already has a video scrubbing feature on its less-popular YouTube competitor, IGTV. So, hopefully the feature will soon be available in this version of Facebook-owned photo sharing social network too.

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