HTC About to Reboot SmartPhone Sales in 2019

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Although being a pioneer of the smartphone age even before there were smartphones, the struggle of HTC is a real tragedy. The company tried hard to prove it’s existence in the field of SmartPhones but failed to keep its reputation intact.

According to HTC Taiwan president Darren Chen, HTC is planning to reboot its smartphone sales in the first half of 2019 by focusing on mid-tier to high-end models, hoping they can improve its market share and profitability.

He further discussed the company’s blockchain smartphone, Exodus 1, which launched in December. Apparently, that device has been completely sold out for the first batch of devices. This has triggered HTC to map a new strategy which involves further promotion of blockchain smartphones.

Nothing about this plan sounds dramatically different than the company’s current approach. It’s possible Chen means the company will have fewer products in these categories, thus focusing on them more effectively. However, selling smartphones the same old way doesn’t seem to work for HTC. Chen said that Vive sales are continuing to increase, but that won’t save HTC if phone sales don’t “reboot.”

Darren Chen also added that the company will evolve this year’s U12+ into 2019 for the premium market — nothing said explicitly about a U13, but refuting rumors claiming the company’s exit from the focus area — while continuing work on its mid-range device portfolio.


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