Google Pixel Slate – Will it Offer What iPad Pro Lacks

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The Google Pixel Slate is the latest entry into the hybrid category of Tablets and Laptops. With Chrome OS, a detachable keyboard, a stylus, and support for Android apps, it’s trying to be a machine for all of your productivity and multimedia needs and also promising to offer what iPad Pro lacks.

Everybody needs a device that can replace both a laptop and a tablet. Microsoft’s Surface Pro does it well. iPad Pro also promises but in some cases it fails. Again here comes the Google Pixel Pro, which promises to offer what iPad Pro lacks. The Pixel Slate is like the mirror universe iPad Pro, and at nearly the same price. It has what the other lacks and lacks what the other has.

Unlike Google’s last Google Chromebook product, the laptop-like premium Pixelbook, the Pixel Slate turns into a convertible along the lines of the Microsoft Surface Pro, with a version of ChromeOS that leans more towards the feel of a Google Pixel phone. It sounds like a great idea on paper, but the idea is sometimes better than the execution.

Is the Pixel Slate powerful enough to be the alternative to your primary computer? With a price tag that is not budget friendly would you even want it to be? Let’s dig some more,


The Pixel Slate comes in five configurations, varying in RAM, storage, which Intel chip is used. It is powered by 8th Generation Intel Core m3 or i5 or i7 or Celeron Processor. With 4GB/8GB/16GB RAM options, it has 32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB storage capacity. Chromebooks, even more premium options like the Pixel Slate, are not meant for heavy lifting. Yet the Core i5 version of the Pixel Slate handles the tasks it was made for quite well. Web browsing with fifteen or twenty Chrome tabs is no problem, even while streaming music or video simultaneously.


The ‘Midnight Blue’ matte aluminum finish wraps this 7mm-thin (0.27 inches) tablet like a glove and shines under direct light. It also feels cool to the touch. Around the front of the tablet is the beautiful display that’s wrapped in Corning Gorilla Glass 5 that curves around the edges of the device. The Pixel Slate’s high-resolution, 12.3-inch, 3,000×2,000-pixel “Molecular Display” is very good, but not always great. Colors and text sometimes seemed washed out at off angles, compared to the most recent iPad Pro display.


To get benefit from the most features of Google Pixel Stale you need to buy its keyboard. The Pixel Slate Keyboard is not cheap but it’s a very well thought out piece of hardware that serves as more than just a detachable keyboard. The Pixel Slate Keyboard is also a protective case for carrying your Pixel Slate around.

Google Pixel Slate 2

One of the more unique features of this keyboard is the shape of the keys. Instead of traditional square keys, the Pixel Slate Keyboard uses circular keys. You might feel awkward at first but getting acclimated it takes virtually no time to get acclimated to them.


The Google Pixel Slate is equipped with 8 Megapixel Cameras both to front and back end. You can not expect a lot from an 8 MP camera, but it will not disappoint you while using video calling facility or SnapChat. Google uses the same machine learning algorithms as the Pixel 3 phones for portrait mode photos.


The Pixel Slate is powered by Chrome OS and has access to every Android app available on Google Play. Google has smartly optimized the OS for the Pixel Slate to work better as a tablet and desktop interface. The most powerful feature of this OS is that, if you own a Pixel phone you can connect it to the Pixel Slate to send and receive text messages on either device. You can also continue browsing web pages open on your Pixel phone on your Pixel Slate.

Important Specifications of Google Pixel Slate

Display 12.3-inch LTPS LCD
3,000 x 2,000 resolution
Processor 8th Gen Intel Core m3, i5, i7 or Celeron
RAM 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB
Storage 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB
Rear camera 8MP sensor with ƒ/1.8 aperture, 1.12um pixel size, Auto Focus, 1080p video at 30fps
Front camera 8MP sensor with  ƒ/1.9 aperture, 1.4um pixel size, 1080p video at 30fps
Audio Dual front speakers, two mics
No headphone jack
Connectivity/Extras Two USB Type-C ports, keyboard connector, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, fingerprint scanner
Battery 48WHr, 10 hours battery life
Dimensions and weight 7.0 x 290.85 x 202.04mm
1.6 lbs


Final Thoughts

From the value for money point of view, Google Pixel Slate is a bit expensive. For professional use you should rather prefer a Laptop or MacBook. The Google Pixel Slate is just a competitor of iPad Pro and at nearly the same price. It has what the other lacks and lacks what the other has. Fusion of both products is much preferable.

Some Pros and Cons of Google Pixel Slate

Keyboard is what you desireThe price
Chrome OS is powerful enoughNo expandable storage
Fingerprint reader is perfectNo headphone jack
Battery Life is goodIt's heavy, for a tablet
Always-on Google Assistant is helpfulThe Pen pales in comparison to Apple's Pencil
Display: Looks good
Two USB-C ports are better than one
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