Unleash your artistic qualities with the all new Google Chrome Canvas within the browse. Just go to canvas.apps.chrome  and start doodling your ideas. It is a simple sketching or doodling app that works best on devices such as Chromebook with a stylus in it. It also works on your desktop or smartphone. The all new Google Chrome Canvas app is showing up as an installed app on some Chromebooks but you can too pull it down manually on other devices as well.

In the Google Chrome Canvas one can choose among pencil, ink pen, marker, chalk and eraser to draw with all kinds of colors included in it. With a massive range of palettes you too can save your drawings to your Google account and also download it as a PNG file. Although drawing with a mouse or touchpad is not as ideal as drawing on paper, Google Chrome Canvas artists would probably be better off with a stylus or touchscreen.

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If you visit the browser for the first time, you will get a quick “Welcome to Canvas” screen. If you are signed in with more than one Google Account, you will be automatically redirected to an account picker option. Once you are logged in, bang on, get ready to unleash you inner Picasso in the splash screen with the induced drawing tools.

Google Chrome Canvas is a very simple doodling app available to Chrome OS. Its easy to use with drawing tools included along with Custom Color choosing options and palettes. It works great with a stylus.


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