Facebook’s “Clear History” Tool Coming This Spring

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Following a lot of drawbacks regarding security issues and Cambridge Analytica catastrophe, the only thing Facebook need to do was announcing the long-awaited “Clear History” tool which was promised by the company nearly a year back. Facebook says that this tool will let you wipe information the social network collects about you from third-party apps and websites. Facebook has said that it will start testing the feature this spring.

“Broadly, [the feature is] going to give us some headwinds in terms of being able to target as effectively as before,” Wehner was reported as saying at Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference 2019.

“In your web browser, you have a simple way to clear your cookies and history. The idea is a lot of sites need cookies to work, but you should still be able to flush your history whenever you want. We’re building a version of this for Facebook too. It will be a simple control to clear your browsing history on Facebook, what you’ve clicked on, websites you’ve visited, and so on. We’re starting with something a lot of people have asked about recently: the information we see from websites and apps that use Facebook’s ads and analytics tools,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook note posted to his personal page.

Clear History Tool helps you browse through the apps and websites you’ve visited via Facebook and lets you delete them. This will make it harder for Facebook to collect data from third-party apps and target users with ads. Clear History could have a substantial impact on Facebook’s ability to target ads and generate revenue if enough users actively remove the information collected about their online activity. Facebook already gives users some control over how information about them on the site can be used to inform the ads they see, including whether advertisers can target you based on information it gathers from third-party partners. Facebook also lets you control whether you see ads related to marriage, alcohol, or your relationship status, among other options.

Facebook’s Clear History tool gives users more transparency around what is collected about them, which sites and apps are collecting it, and whether they want to remove it entirely from the Facebook ecosystem. The testing of this tool will begin this spring where Facebook wants to make sure that the tool works the way it should for everyone on Facebook, which is taking longer than expected.

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